Steve Sharp


A collection of images taken above and below ground

in caving regions of the UK and Spain.

Mendip Underground

Compiled and edited by registrars Alan Gray, Rob Taviner and Richard Witcombe.


A thoroughly revised, full colour production featuring :-


Many new entries including the big discoveries at Charterhouse Cave, Reservoir Hole and Upper Flood Swallet


Full surveys


Rigging Guides

Original colour photographs


Earth Colours

Earth Colours by Marie Clarke, Neville Gregory and Alan Gray


Earth Colours provides an historical record of ochre mining and the use of ochre on Mendip from the Roman times until the mid 20th century.


Neville concentrated on the technical and historical aspects of the industry and Marie looked at what the impact of ochre mining was on the towns, villages and people – her anecdotes of characters and life of the times give a human aspect to this book and some unexpected insights – not least of which being lies, theft and murder!


Tony Jarratt reviewed this book and stated that it will put an entirely different emphasis on mining on Mendip whereas it was thought that the majority of mining was for lead the balance will now be restored with half the mining being for lead and the other half being for ochre.


Alan Gray sourced the photographs and redrew all the maps and diagrams and wrote part of Chapter 12 which brings the research from the 1980's to 2011.


Banwell Caves

The Caves” is the name of an early 19th century house and gardens situated on the west side of Banwell Hill overlooking Weston-super-Mare and the Bristol Channel beyond.


There are two caves in the grounds which are unique and of national significance. The Bone Cave contains bones of animals that are no longer native to this country and are up to 80,000 years old.


There are various follies in the grounds, the most prominent being the Tower which stands 50ft tall on the highest point of Banwell Hill and commands panoramic views of the Welsh mountains to the north and the Somerset Moors to the south.


New for 2014 - Our popular 44 page A5 booklet "The Story of Banwell Caves", has now been republished as a second edition. It describes in detail the history of Banwell Caves and contains illustrations and photos of the caves. Copies can be purchased at a cost of £5.00 plus £2.00 p&p. Please send a cheque payable to Banwell Caves Heritage Group, to John Haynes, The Caves, Banwell, BS29 6NA.

Descent Magazine

Some of my work has been published in Descent Magazine written for Cavers by Cavers.