Steve Sharp


A collection of images taken above and below ground

in caving regions of the UK and Spain.

Steve Sharp

Originally from a musical background, I’ve always had an interest in underground exploration, back in 2007 I was given a copy of Secret Underground Bristol this was to be the catalyst of my underground exploration to date. My first taste of the underground was Redcliffe Caves courtesy of Alan Gray who introduced me to Caving. This was soon to be followed by a trip into a recently discovered cave on Mendip called Shute Shelve.

Over the past few years I have had the privilege to join Axbridge Caving Group based in the Mendip hills and

Chelsea Spelaeological Society based in South Wales, during this period I have met many amazing people who have introduced me to some amazing caves across the UK and Europe.

Back in 2008 I took up cave photography and began to photograph the caves; In 2010 I had my first introduction to European caving in Matienzo. Over the past seven years I’ve been fortunate to have my work published in various publications and caving magazines.


In 2010 I invested in a Scurion light, this has been my main tool for Photography when underground, my style of photography is light painting a skill taught to me by Mark "Gonzo" Lumley.

In 2011 Scurion kindly gave me a Scurion K to allow me to progress in my Photography.


During the last five years I have Photographed many different caves in the UK, I have also put a few small videos together my favourite being Daren Cilau a vast cave systewith it's very own" Hard Rock Cafe".


2016 has included the addition of the new Scurion 1600, this is a fantastic light and extremly bright, Scurions have been my life force in caving, they are very robust and never let me down.


When I’m not underground I like to photograph my children and the natural world around us, I hope you enjoy the site and get the urge to pick up your camera, if you’re really brave why not try caving.